National Holidays Can Increase Sales

Recently we had National Dessert Day – then the next day was National Red Wine Day ( Or National Mushroom Day!) one of a seemingly endless train of national days we have been obsessed with in the past few years.

For local restaurants & retail businesses, these days represent one thing though – opportunity.

IF you have a large following on Social.
Why the IF? 
 Well, if you’ve been posting for a while on social channels then you know that your “Organic” reach for your posts is dying a slow death. 
 If you’re lucky your post could reach up to 20% of your followers – the actual numbers will be closer to half of that to be honest. 
 I’ve personally seen Facebook pages with upwards of 30k followers with 2-3 likes and no comments on most of their social posts!
 So – how can your business let people know what you have to offer and raise their engaged followers on Social, leading to more people coming through your doors?
 One easy way to do it is to stop posting for today and develop a strategy of providing value in exchange for your CUSTOMER’S INFORMATION. 
 What I’m suggesting is being used by thousands of intelligent business owners who understand that building a relationship with current and future customers is the path to increased profitability.
 Play the “long game” so to speak of spending effort and a small amount of $ (often below $1) to acquire a customer’s contact information – so you can reach them directly on their smartphone, and you’ll find that it pays off not only in upfront $, but in long term loyalty.
 What’s loyalty worth? Well, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported that as little as a 5% increase in loyalty is tied to up to a 75% increase in profitability. Not too shabby.
Here’s exactly how it works (from 20,000 feet)
1. Use enticing photos and create an offer they can’t refuse (often a BOGO or free entree) for social – most specifically Facebook.
2. Deliver your offer via a coupon.
3. Connect that offer to an automated follow-up system, where you can receive customer contact info in exchange for your coupon offer.
4. BE ENTERTAINING in your follow-ups and ASK QUESTIONS that help you get to know your customers better. (Are they single or married, a new customer or returning one, what sports team do they follow, if any?)
5. Invite people in to your business to redeem their offer.
6. Wow them with your awesome products/food and service.
7. Trigger your next awesome offer to be delivered the day after they came in & spent $.
8. Rinse and repeat, start stacking your your date base each month. 
If you do this you’ll soon grow a database of customers that you not only own, but one you can consistently communicate with to drive sales and create an environment of increased loyalty.
  • You can’t deposit likes & shares into your bank account
  • STOP renting space that you will constantly need to rent in hope to reach those same customers again that have already been in your business.
  • Build your own data base & use solutions that have 90% plus open rates
Contact us to schedule a time to learn how 10X Interactive can show you how you can track the money you spend on marketing.
Getting started is less then going to Starbucks everyday.
Facebook Messenger is one of the leading messaging platforms on the planet. They began allowing businesses to communicate with clients and fans on a one-to-many basis at the end of 2016. This opened the door for developers to begin building artificially intelligent (AI) chatbots to help improve their online support, FAQ, and customer service abilities.

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