Frequently Asked Questions

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How do 'Keywords" work?

Once you setup a keyword, you can have customers text that keyword to your number to subscribe to that list. Unlike most companies, you’ll be assigned your own texting number (not a shared number) so your keywords will ALL be available to you.  Keywords allow you to create custom groups to target your fans with messages that are most relevant to them.

There is an exception of course with reserved keywords such as STOP, START and HELP.

Can I send more than 160 characters in one message?

YES, with our 10X Platform you can send up to 1,500 characters in one message. For every 160 characters sent our system will count it as 1 credit. Your fans receiving your messages will just see 1 message which makes it a great user experience. We don’t recommend sending messages over 400 characters. Keep your messages short and to the point & include a call to action.

Can I receive replies to the text messages that I send?

YES, your contacts can reply to any message that you send. You can also receive a message at anytime someone sends a text to  your phone number assigned to your account. We can even use your existing landline phone number.

Can I respond to reply messages in the system?


YES, you can go to SMS Chat and see all responses and reply to individuals. You may also set up a generic reply in your profile settings.

Creating more conversations with your fans will build your business.

Will my subscribers get the same text twice if they are on multiple lists?

No, each campaign filters out double sending. Therefore you will not be charged for sending multiple times and the end user will only receive one text per campaign. 

Can everyone receive text messages?

Nearly every cellular phone in use in the world can receive text messages. Most wireless carriers include text messaging in their standard plans.

Who regulates text messaging?

In the United States, The MMA, Wireless Carriers and the FCC all play a roll in regulating text messaging.

Can you guarantee delivery of every text message that I send?

No. As text messaging is a store-and-forward technology that is dependent on carriers and their networks, it is impossible to guarantee delivery of a text message.

Can I send a single text message?

YES, it’s very easy. Instead of selecting a group of contacts, enter a single telephone number & look up their name in contacts when you compose your message.

Why did some of my contacts not receive a text I sent to them?

If your recipient uses a pre-paid mobile phone service, his or her balance may be too low (assuming he or she pays for incoming text messages). Other reasons may include (but are not limited to): a recipient’s phone being out of memory, a recipient’s phone being out of network, or an incorrectly typed number. When sending a blast message to a large group of contacts carriers may block a few messages as spam and not deliver the message.

Do I pay for text messages that my recipients do not receive?

Yes. We charge you one credit every time our system sends a text message on your behalf, as we are charged every time we pass your message through our SMS gateway.

Does 10X Interactive provide a list of phone #'s that we can add to my list?

No, 10X has a strict opt-in subscription policy. The contact information you upload must come from your own customer database. In other words, only people who have voluntarily opted in may be a part of your distribution lists.