SMS Marketing: Message Templates for Halloween

Unless your business is Halloween centric, it can be very difficult for your brand to drive sales on such a spooky day. There are skeletons, ghosts, and witches all over the place distracting your customers from seeing your brand.

But this holiday is all about brands with the costumes, house decorations, and candy assortments that try to impersonate what goes bump in the night, so your brand should be able stand out with all the dark creatures out and about.

Most people won’t be online or watching the TV. They’ll be out finding treats or giving them out. SMS messages are the only way you can be sure to reach your customers through the spooky fog they’re treading through.

And since the only way to reach your customers today is through text message, Mobiniti is the perfect one to help you. We’re here to help you reach all of your subscribers them with effective SMS messages.




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