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10X Interactive provides advertisers the technology solutions to interact with new and existing customers on mobile devices. Mobile is now FIRST, 10X provides the solutions need to gain new customers to business as well as the solutions to interact and engage with existing customers to get them to return more often.
10X Interactive mobile solutions are 100% permission based to allow you to reach the customers that want to interact with your business. Your current customers are your best customers, reward them to return more often through their mobile device. Start growing your business with 10X Interactive mobile solutions today.


SMS Marketing for small business! Utilize the powerful techniques of Text Message Marketing.

10X Interactive provides an easy to use online service for small businesses to send group SMS/text messages. Our powerful marketing software is low cost and helps drive small business revenue and profits!

What we do

We’ll assign one of our dedicated mobile experts to handle the following:
  • Identify Your Target Market(s)
  • Build and Manage Your Mobile List(s)
  • Integrate Mobile With Your Other Marketing Campaigns
  • Connect With Your Social Media Accounts
  • Come Up With Creative Ideas
  • Run the Timely and Effective Campaigns For You
  • Analyze and Review Results
  • Adopt Strategies to Continually Increase Results
  • Ensure Best Practices and Compliance

Why choose us?

10X Interactive offers more than just a robust text message marketing platform. We realize that many of our clients don’t have the time or expertise to run their own mobile marketing campaigns. If your company wants to realize the results without the work, then you should consider having us oversee and manage your campaign.


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We help you maximize your companies exposure with mobile marketing to bring in a wave of new business!