SMS: 5 Reasons You Should Be Using It For Your Business

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel online technique that focuses on reaching audiences based on devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing sounds like a broad term so let’s break it down into one of the primary channels, SMS.

SMS allows any sized business to create and automate smart targeting campaigns through text message. It is effective, affordable, and most importantly simple to use. SMS Marketing is everything your business needs to reach the right audience this year.


  1. High Open & Read Rate

The main alternative to SMS is Mobile Apps, push notifications. From a brand’s perspective, the main disadvantage of a push notification is that users have to opt in to receiving them on iOS and can turn them off in the Settings on Android. This means that brands can’t reliably reach their entire app audience, as recent data pegs the push notification opt-in rate across Android and iOS at 64%. With a 90% read rate and a 99% open rate, SMS marketing takes the cake.

  1. Instant Delivery

Approximately 78% of users spend two or more hours on their smartphones each day. SMS marketing is the most immediate marketing channel available. It takes seconds to deliver that at any time of the day. The majority of other marketing channels provide passive marketing opportunities to businesses. Don’t rely on AdWords, PPC, and other forms of Social Media advertising to score this quarter for you. SMS is your well thought out game plan that can be easily executed and leads to guaranteed gains.

  1. Conversion Rate

There is a very high conversion rate with mobile users responding to call-to-actions in text messages, the high rate is due to the simplicity and that it is clear and concise. Simmons National Consumer Study published a study reporting that 91% of millennials are willing to share their mobile number when they are given an incentive. Another study done by Velocify reports that users that receive SMS messages have a 40% higher conversion rate than those who are not sent messages. The perfect incentive to collect mobile numbers is to offer a mobile coupon.

  1. Convenience

While millennials seem to always have their phone on them, they actually do not like talking on it. Pretty obvious right? Walk practically anywhere and you will find millennials staring at their cell phones. When’s the last time you met someone who doesn’t have a cell phone? It only makes sense that businesses should start reaching consumers in their most-used inbox, text messages. Make your marketing efforts and processes convenient for consumers to take action. Just look at Amazon and Netflix.

  1. Two-Way Messaging

Two-way messaging allows businesses to engage and interact with customers in a personalized way that can deliver conversational style messages. They help eliminate business phone lines from being occupied with customer service issues. Frustrated customers and bad reviews can be avoided with ease through two-way messaging.

All in all, with the technology we have today you are able to market directly to the consumer’s pocket. Over 4 billion people text worldwide. That is a larger audience than any other channel. The opportunity to reach your customers on their mobile devices is easier than ever before with SMS marketing in 2018.

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