Frequently Asked Questions

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How do 'Keywords" work?

Once you setup a keyword, you can have customers text that keyword to your number to subscribe to that list. Unlike most companies, you’ll be assigned your own texting number (not a shared number) so your keywords will ALL be available to you.  Keywords allow you to create custom groups to target your fans with messages that are most relevant to them.

There is an exception of course with reserved keywords such as STOP, START and HELP.

Can I send more than 160 characters in one message?

YES, with our 10X Platform you can send up to 1,500 characters in one message. For every 160 characters sent our system will count it as 1 credit. Your fans receiving your messages will just see 1 message which makes it a great user experience. We don’t recommend sending messages over 400 characters. Keep your messages short and to the point & include a call to action.

Can I respond to reply messages in the system?


YES, you can go to SMS Chat and see all responses and reply to individuals. You may also set up a generic reply in your profile settings.

Creating more conversations with your fans will build your business.

Will my subscribers get the same text twice if they are on multiple lists?

No, each campaign filters out double sending. Therefore you will not be charged for sending multiple times and the end user will only receive one text per campaign.